An Acoustic Tribute to the 70's

Gypsy Highway is organic acoustic music blended with superb three part vocal harmonies.  A throwback to the sounds of the 70's, bringing fresh versions of songs from Crosby Stills and Nash, Seal and Crofts, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and others, bringing you back to a refreshing musical place and time creating the perfect "hangout" ambiance.

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michael brand

At an early age, Michael had a strong passion for music, instruments, and vocal harmonies.  At the age of 15, he became a self taught drummer.  Later he learned to play the guitar and harmonica.  Since then, he has been an established musician and vocalist in several bands and music ministries.  When all is said and done, Michael feels Gypsy Highway brings it all home for him.

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Angela Brand

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Angela has always had a love for music, with a variety of influences from Southern Rock and Blues to old style country.  She moved to California and met her husband of 20 years (Michael) and together started a family classic rock-n-roll band, as well as, enjoyed singing on their church worship team.  Gypsy Highway is a dream come true as it brings together her passion for lead and harmonic vocals and best of all she gets to share it with her friends and family.

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Jerry mckenzie

Jerry is a multi-talented, singer, songwriter and producer who brings decades of musical experience to the group.  When Gypsy Highway is on stage and hitting their harmonies, there is nowhere else he would rather be!